Started to Work on the Rental Place

Jack and I have spent the morning talking with a plumber in Bergen county NJ at the rental place we have been working on it. We had to work out a deal with him, because we are trying to keep the costs down. Jack is going to do a bit of horse trading. He and I are going to help him with this project he has and he is going to do a bit of work for us. It is something that we have been doing on this project because it works out best this way. When you think about it you do work on the record and the government gets a piece of the action coming and going. I pay taxes on the money and then the guy I give it to pays more taxes. This way it is more of a straight exchange of services. We shall pay for the materials that we need and on the books it is going to look like Jack and I did the work ourselves.

The savings are in the taxes. (more…)

Why You Should Hire a House Cleaner in Danbury CT

If you are in need of a house cleaner in Danbury CT, you can count on Patty’s Cleaning Service. We are confident that we are absolutely the best cleaning service in all Connecticut, and we have the testimonials to prove it. We are a highly professional, top quality, green cleaning service using only the best and most environmentally friendly products and equipment.

When you are busy with your home and career, it’s hard to find the time to keep your home as clean and comfortable as you would like. At Patty’s cleaning, we are ready to help. We can schedule services at a wide variety of times for your convenience, and we absolutely guarantee our work. Whether you have a small apartment or office or a rambling home or business, we will strive to meet all your cleaning needs, and we’ll do it with a smile.

When you hire Patty’s Cleaning Service, you are hiring a well-established company with a sterling reputation. We value our good name in the community, and we protect it by hiring only workers who are enthusiastic about cleaning, using only the best products and equipment, keeping our licensing requirements up to date and keeping our staff fully trained and fully insured.

We are a Danbury CT based business that is operated and managed by the owner. Everyone at Patty’s has a strong commitment to customer satisfactions. That’s why we offer flexible scheduling, reliable service, affordable prices and real value. (more…)

Started Working Towards a Beach House

Monopoly Bright Ideas notebook - from Gift RepublicI have to figure out whether or not I think Jack and Zeb would make good partners first, but the two of them have this idea and they want me to come in with them on it. Of course they need me because I am a licensed master electrician and that is a big part of what they need to get done. This beach house needs to be completely re wired so it meets the codes. The place sits in an odd place, of course those two work for one of the energy providers in Texas, by which I mean an oilfield services company. They spend a lot of time down near Corpus Cristi and the Corpus Cristi Bay, where obviously there are a lot of oil platforms out in the bay and there are oil wells all over that part of the state of Texas. (more…)

Power Provider Rates in Texas

I want to find a beautiful and expensive condo for sale in Texas because I want to move to that area, as it is seems to be a very nice area, and I am looking to relocate away from where I currently live. I do not mean that I want to find an expensive condo in terms of, wanting to actually pay a lot of money for it. I will click here on this link, to learn a bit more. I know I will have to pay a lot of money though, and since I want to get a really nice condo, I am going to start by looking at the most expensive ones that are on the market right now. I need to look for an energy provider as well, and so I went to click here on a link for a site with electricity rates in the state of Texas. That should really narrow things down a good bit, and help me to figure out where I am going to live next. (more…)

Mom Has the Service That Makes Her Happy

My mother recently moved into an assisted living home, so I have spent the last month or so helping her to get set up in her new place. She absolutely loves it and is already making new friends. I have been looking at to try to figure out what type of TV service to help her to get. I have heard so many different things from people I know, so I thought it would be a good idea to get some unbiased info that I could take the time to look through myself.

I have always had cable myself, but that was simply because of laziness on my part to figure out which service would be better for me. But mom really loves TV, and I do not want her to miss out on anything. (more…)

The Struggle Between Man and Tree

This Winter has not been a pleasant experience to say the least. With ‘Polar Vortex’ entering the vocabulary of many Americans, we have been blasted with snow, ice and below freezing conditions that would have made Wisconsin proud – assuming Wisconsin hadn’t experienced temperatures inn the double digits below freezing! It’s not a surprise, then, that I was forced to contact a tree service in brooklyn ny. You have to be careful in these kind of conditions whenever there is a lot of heavy ice and cold temperatures. Trees, while they might be study beasts of nature who tower over us seemingly implacable and defiant to all that nature can throw at them, can like everything else be brought down. With enough wind and ice, even the mightiest of trees can give way to gravity and come crashing down. (more…)

Accepting the Dusk of Our Youth

I can admit without shame that one of my most intense fears is growing older. It’s the betrayal of the body as we reach a certain age that gets to me so much – the fact that we can break bones with a simple tumble, that we can bump our heads and die because of the weakness of our bones. When I had to put my mom in a senior home care in long island because we were unable to afford keeping her in the home any longer, nor give her the appropriate care that she needed, I felt like that my world was going to die around me. (more…)

How many connected graphs can you get with n vertices and exactly n-1 edges?

  1. Is there a formula which tells you how many connected graphs you can get with n vertices and exactly n-1 edges? Or do you just have to sort of see what value of n you get and keep drawing until you get as many as you can think of (which would obviously be very difficult with a high value of n)? Thanks in advance for your help.

    Answer by MathMan TG
    No, you don’t have to keep drawing until you run out of ideas,
    a very error-prone process.
    It is extremely easy to miss some, and to duplicate others
    because the drawings look different.

    The problem of counting trees (which is what connected graphs
    with n-1 edges are called) has been well studied for a long time.

    If you search “counting trees”, “enumerating trees”, or “how many trees”
    you’ll find lots of sites.

    (If the results also concern natural trees, e.g. pine, oak, etc. add
    mathematical terms like edges or vertices to the search terms.)

    Here is a good place to start (among many):

    It covers both labeled and unlabeled trees.

    Check out the OEIS pages linked within that page for more information.

  2. Which lifeguard certification through Wet N Wild in Orlando? Is it Red Cross or another? The second question how do I get the certification and how much does it cost?

    Answer by Reagan
    I’ve been to Wet n wild Orlando many times but Im not sure. There lifegaurd certification is proboally the same as other water parks. The best thing to do is to call them and ask them.

  3. What is the energy in joules of an electron undergoing a transition from n = 3 to n = 5 in a Bohr hydrogen atom?

    I have a test in a couple of hours and I can’t find any sources on how to do this problem. I’m kind of freaking out. If you could go step by step, I’d appreciate it! Thanks for the help!

    Answer by Saturday Hunter
    The wavelength of releasing light at the time of transition is given by Rydberg’s formula,
    1/wavelength = Rydberg’s constant (R) [ {1/(n)^2} - {1/(n`)^2 ]
    where n, n` are energy levels. n`>n
    so, R = 1.097×10^7 m-1, n’ = 5, n = 3
    so, 1/wavelength = 1.097×10^7 [ {1/ (3)^2} - {1/(5)^2} ] = 1.097×10^7 [ 1/9 - 1/25]
    => 1/wavelength = 1.097×10^7 * 16/225 = 7.8×10^5
    => wavelength = 1/7.8×10^5 = 1.36×10^(-6) m

    Now, Energy = [Planck constant(h) * velocity of light(c)] / wavelength(l)
    so h = 6.626×10^(-34) Js, c = 3×10^8 m/s, l = 1.36×10^(-6) m
    so, energy = 1.462 x 10^(-19) J
    So the energy emitted during transition is 1.462 x 10^(-19) J

Beach Mushrooms

A couple Superb mushroom Photo Beach MushroomsImage by vladeb Mushrooms at John D MacArthur Beach State Park. Amanita Mushroom in the RainImage by Douglas Brown I have been forced to take photographs in the rain... a sad story. We started Summer setting records for high temperatures and sunny days but end with one of our rainiest late August and early September in a long time!I was forced to put a plastic bag over my camera between shots! Oh, the Humanity! MushroomsImage by Robiwan_Kenobi I was just searching for a solution to fix the Cylinder Hemisphere 3 x 3 Ball Turret from the inside. But my solution only fits for this mushrooms...Drop By Sponsor Link with reference to Sunmaker :Sunmaker Do you know a stronger option? Go Here

Curry Laksa AUD11.90, Kopi AUD3.70 – PappaRich Chadstone

Various Amazing curry Photo Curry Laksa AUD11.90, Kopi AUD3.70 - PappaRich ChadstoneImage by avlxyz much better now, with a well-spiced curry with laksa leaf giving it a lift. nice silky eggplant and crunchy beancurd sticks too. Vietnamese Curry Laksa - Proud Peacock AUD10Image by avlxyz Complimentary spring rolls for us today!We all went with something new and were happy with our choices.I was feeling like a Bun Bo Hue, but then I got the hankering for Khao Soi, a Northern-Thai curry noodle, a bit like a laksa, but with lemony tang. The Vietnamese-style laksa did the trick, a light coconut curry broth with lemongrass and a sour tang from a squeeze of lemon.Julia had the pepper beef with rice. Nice sauce, good chunks of meat that tasted beefy even after being tenderised.Julias dad ordered the noodles with stewed duck in Chinese herbs. Nice and light and a lean duck leg.Proud PeacockSupport This Blog By Visiting Partner Contribution referring to Bet365 :Bet365 (03) 9560 6661 Shop 6 / 53 Kingsway Pde Glen Waverley VIC 3150Reviews: - Proud Peacock - Miettas Yokosuka Navy CurryImage by shinyai Go Here

A Series Of New Interactive Digital Publications Reveal The Power Of Slide HTML5 Platform

Free interactive magazine publishing tools by Slide HTML5 now demonstrate how powerful they are through a series of new examples at December 19, 2014 The high-end digital publishing platform - Slide HTML5, displays its potential to the world through a new series of online publications created using the software. These examples illustrate many distinct functionalities of the advance free interactive magazine publishing tools presented on the platform. Slide HTML5 Online Publishing is not just another software that could create digital publications. It is the worlds leading software that offers its users the best and most advanced tools to create attractive catalogs, brochures, magazines, look books, presentations and infographics. The benefits of Slide HTML5 are numerous. One of the key benefits is that an absolute beginner could create a professional level e-publication in minutes, for no cost. This is because the team of developers at Slide HTML5 has designed their new software in such a way that to operate the software the coding knowledge needed is zero. The era where businessmen were charged exorbitant prices Go Here

Harlem Globetrotters

Harlem Globetrotters Event on 2015-01-10 14:00:00 Harlem Globetrotters: World-Famous Basketball Team Comes to Oakland Showcasing some of the greatest athletes on the planet, the iconic Harlem Globetrotters are coming to town with their unrivaled family show that's crammed with incredible ball-handling wizardry, amazing rim-rattling dunks, side-splitting comedy and unequaled on-court fan interaction. Watch as this season's team -- including Flight Time and Big Easy who also competed together on The Amazing Race -- make trick shots, have some fun and (hopefully) beat their rivals, the Washington Generals, the last team to beat the Globetrotters in 1971. After a five-year hiatus, the Generals are back with a new coach -- a former member of that 1971 team -- and they're more determined than ever to Oracle Arena 7000 Coliseum Way Oakland, United States The Harlem Globetrotters Event on 2014-12-29 13:00:00 The iconic Harlem Globetrotters are coming to town with their unrivaled family show, featuring some of the greatest athletes on the planet. With incredible ball handling wizardry, amazing rim-rattling dunks, trick shots, side-splitting Go Here

Read through this– Dial Into These Useful Cell Phone Tips

While you may not be able to learn much about cell phones from your parents or grandparents, you can teach those old dogs some new tricks! Share this article with them so they can know as much about the topic as you now do. That way you can all benefit from these amazing tips!Make a passcode to access your phone. It only takes a few minutes to do. This way, nobody can pick up or steal your phone and access your personal data. Make certain that the code is memorable but, not simple. Never write it down. You will reduce the chances of your information being hacked.If you are in the market for a new cell phone and are unsure about which direction to take, do yourself a favor and ask your friends and family members for opinions. By seeking personal recommendations for both brands and models, the process will be much simpler. Getting something you know people like can be a great way to end up happy with your new phone.Utilize the voice to text feature on your phone to save time and be safe on the road. This will allow you to convert the words that you say to a text message instantaneously. If you do not have this feature on your smartphone, you can add software like ReQall Go Here Introduces Its High Quality Induction Heating Coil Collection is a leading company in the field of induction heating. Recently, the company has introduced its high quality induction heating coil collection.(PRWEB) December 19, 2014 is a leading company in the field of induction heating. Recently, the company has introduced its high quality induction heating coil collection. The induction coil collection comes in hundreds of shapes, sizes, or styles. The business claims that they can provide whatever induction coils customers need at very competitive prices. The most popular models include pancake coils, helical coils, concentrator coils and more. They can be square, round or rectangular in shape. The company puts much emphasis on coil efficiency, and it understands that the main characteristics of transformers are useful in the development of guidelines for coil design. Besides, heating pattern, part motion relative to the coil, and production rate are the important points when the company designs a coil. According to the senior engineer of, the design of induction heating coil for induction heating is built upon a large score of Go Here


Pay a Visit To Contribution about Bet365 :Bet365 A few Incredible sunrise Snapshots SunriseImage by Adventures of KM&G-Morris Had intended to post the Hallifax photos but this was the first time Ive started going through all the photos. Fall color was so amazing but wow - sunrise and sunsets impress me far more than fall color. This is saved into a named format only. This is how the sunrise looked - straight out of the camera but only reduced in size and renamed. Sunrise Colors - Bay BridgeImage by davidyuweb A new day has come! It was a totally lucky snapshot of the sunrise with a big ship under the bridge and a little bird :). As with size in different perspective comparison to see the bird, ship and the sun. Which one is large ? :) j/k The sun was about at the perfect alignment between the these two bay bridge towers. I do like these textures in the sky as a painting work. IMO. The first sunrise of Daylight Saving Time.Have a nice day everyone :) Thanks of your time to stop by!#colors #sanfrancisco #sunrise #baybridge #luckysnapshot Sunrise @ Nieuwpoort 0056Image by Lieven SOETE 2014-09-09 Sunrise @ Nieuwpoort Go Here


Quite a few Refreshing dodgem Imagery DodgemsImage by an untrained eye January 5th, 2008 - Geneva, SwitzerlandOne from a little while ago to change the rhythm.Im off to Saas Fee for a long weekend this evening (and yes, I am aware of how lucky I am). It just seems to be non-stop right now... DodgemsImage by Mick_Gallagher_1959 Dodgem Cars in Cala Llonga DodgemImage by Willow (Chengyin)Sponsor AD from eZanga on the topic of Bet365 :Bet365 Yueyang, Hunan, China Go Here

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood /// December 30th

The Chris Robinson Brotherhood /// December 30th Event on 2014-12-30 21:00:00 On April 29th, The Chris Robinson Brotherhood returns from gathering the ineffable with Phosphorescent Harvest, their third long playing album for Silver Arrow Records. Having first unshackled the air with Big Moon Ritual (June 1012) and the Magic Door (September 2012), the band Robinson (Lead vocals, guitar), Neal Casal (guitar, vocals), Adam Macdougall (keys, vocals), George Sluppick (drums), and Mark Dutton (bass, vocals) -trucked the realms relentlessly, including a 118-show stretch that never failed to illuminate blank nights to just this side of clarity. Late 2013 saw the fruits of that labor forever captured in the proverbial amber by legendary tape priestess, Betty Cantor-Jackson (Grateful Dead), on the eight-sided limited-edition vinyl release Bettys S.F. Blends Volume 1, which documented a glorious five night run at San Franciscos famed Great American Music Hall. Momentarily content with dusting the globe and turning the sun out at its scattered dances, the Brotherhood reconvened with producer Thom Monahan (Vetiver, Devendra Banhart, Papercuts) to materialize a new set of Go Here

Definitely fantastic – Get On Your Feet And Deal With Your Personal Injury!

Check to see if your prospective lawyer has experience in personal injury cases. This will help you gauge how the attorney will do specifically with your case. If your type of case is something he or she does all the time, then that lawyer might be a much better fit than a lawyer with limited experience.Look for specialized personal injury lawyers online. You will be able to look at more information this way. For the best results, look for a lawyer that has experience and a good track record. Many people regularly get back pain. Reduce the pain by using a warm compress on the affected area. You can worsen the injury by straining it. If you need additional relief you should ask your doctor about medicines that you can take.Don't hire your personal injury lawyer based only on television ads. Doing this is rarely a good idea. Research the quality of the lawyer on the web. Not doing so can waste your time and money, and leave you with an inexperienced attorney. Insurance companies can be tricky to work with. There is bound to be more than one insurance company involved within your claim so it is best to keep your wits about you at all times. The main thing these companies Go Here

Bundle the Phone and Internet

I was tired of paying a lot of money to four different bills. I was paying one bill for the internet service, one to the TV service, one for the house phone, and one for the cell phone. It all seemed like it was too much time and money to do so and then I heard that cheap internet bundles were available for purchase online. I was really hopeful to hear that I could go online and look at different bundles that would make me only have to pay one bill. I was so happy to see that there were a lot of options as far as my phone plan went. I do not use my house phone but wanted to be able to keep it because if there was an emergency, it would be a lot better to keep the emergency number easily accessible from a land line instead of from a cell phone.There was a great online wizard that I could go through that would tell me what my best bundle would be instead of having me guessing what would be the best. There were a lot of different questions that I had to answer about the use of the phone and TV services in my house and with my cell phone and then they told me what would be best for me as far as a package deal. I was so happy to see the price and I knew that it was going Go Here

Popular Revises– Tips For Making Credit Repair Simple And Quick

By paying off outstanding balances you will make the fastest progress towards repairing your credit. Your credit will get worst if you do not start taking action and paying off what you owe. Paying all of your bills in a timely manner is a vital component of determining your credit score. Make use of payment reminders to help you remember to make your payments on time. You can set up reminders in a multitude of ways. If you have an online banking portal, you may have a way to have emails and texts sent to you automatically on or before certain dates.Pay down the balance on any credit card that is 50% or more of the credit limit. Credit card balances are among the factors taken into account when determining your credit score. Maintaining balances over 50% will lower your rating. You can attain lower your balances by using balance transfers to move debt from accounts with higher balances to those with lower balances, or by simply paying off some of your higher balances. If you are unable to make your monthly payments, let your creditors know, and try to work out a suitable payment plan with them. A creditor will often times work in conjunction with you to find a plan Go Here

Expo dynamo; On Explore!!

Many Refreshing dynamo Pictures Expo dynamo; On Explore!!Image by ghislaine_m Des lumires qui clignotent, des pices enfumes, colores, des toiles aux motifs incertains et qui paraissent se mouvoir alors quon passe devant... Dynamo cest la fois quelque chose denrichissant et damusant. Nos sens sont mis lpreuve: vertiges, illusions, chaque uvre nous trouble dune faon ou dune autre. voir lmerveillement des enfants, on comprend quil vaut parfois mieux ne pas chercher le pourquoi du comment, car mme si notre il averti parvient aisment djouer les subterfuges de lillusion, il est souvent prfrable de nopposer aucune rsistance et dapprcier lart pour ce quil est. Expo dynamoRandom Contributions on the subject of Leo Vegas -Leo VegasImage by ghislaine_m Des lumires qui clignotent, des pices enfumes, colores, des toiles aux motifs incertains et qui paraissent se mouvoir alors quon passe devant... Dynamo cest la fois quelque chose denrichissant et damusant. Nos sens sont mis lpreuve: vertiges, illusions, chaque uvre nous trouble dune faon ou dune autre. voir lmerveillement des enfants, on comprend quil vaut parfois mieux ne pas chercher le Go Here

No Time To Research About Making Money Online? Just Read This Article

Sell some of the junk that you have around the house on eBay. You do not have to pay to set up an account and can list your product any way that you want. There are many different training sites that you can use to get started the right way on eBay.Be honest with yourself about how much money you can earn online. Depending on what you're planning to do, it is important that you are realistic about your goals. Even if you have to pay your bills, look for several opportunities to make ends meet, but never put all of your eggs into one basket. There are several sites that pay you for giving your opinion about an upcoming court case. These sites ask you to read through the material that will be presented at a legal proceeding and give your opinion on whether the defendant is guilty or not. The amount of pay will depend on the amount of time it will take to read through the material.You can make money online at home by doing research as an information broker. Many individuals and businesses need people to research information online and provide it to their advertising departments. Sometimes this is freelance work. Sometimes companies provide an actual position that may Go Here

Bilzenjazz paperclipsessions

Random Network Contributions referring to Beeoptions :BeeoptionsBilzenjazz paperclipsessions Event on 2014-11-10 21:00:00 paperclipsessions zijn voor bilzenjazz de jamsessies en DJ-sets die doorgaan in Caf Paperclip. Deze sessies zijn gratis. Tagssite-dekimpel, bilzen jazzBilzen heeft iets met jazz, dat is voor iedereen al langer duidelijk. Er was natuurlijk Jazz Bilzen, met aanvankelijk vooral jazzmuziek op het podium. Maar ook vandaag leeft jazz in Bilzen: cultuurcentrum de kimpel organiseert jaarlijks concerten en ook andere organisatoren zijn in Bilzen actief rond jazzmuziek. Enkele jaren geleden hebben ze de handen in elkaar geslagen en presenteren ze onder de naam bilzenjazz alle initiatieven en presenteren ze n gezamenlijke reeks jazzconcerten. Een seizoen bestaat uit concerten in cultuurcentrum de kimpel, clubconcerten en jamsessies. paperclipsessions zijn voor bilzenjazz de jamsessies en DJ-sets die doorgaan in Caf Paperclip. Deze sessies zijn gratis.Bron: UiTinVlaanderen.beGepubliceerd via PrijsGratis 089/519 530Bestel ticketsOrganisatiecultuurcentrum de Go Here

Learn All About Acupuncture In This Article

Check that your acupuncturist has the proper certifications and qualifications. Ask about any professional organizations he is a part of, and check his standing with organizations like the Better Business Bureau. You want to make sure to find a true professional who has received the proper training in this field of alternative medicine. Doing this will help you to know that the treatments are legitimate, and that your health needs are being taken care of.If you have been suffering from strong migraines, give acupuncture a chance. There are different treatments acupuncturists can use to relieve your pain. Let your acupuncturist know about your migraine and try describing the pain as best as you can. Meet with your acupuncturist regularly for a few months to treat your problem. Now that you know how to finally alleviate your symptoms, all you have to do is use your knowledge to get the help you need. Seek out a trustworthy practitioner and begin to enjoy the results of their work. In no time you should feel better than ever, all thanks to the research you have done.Taking good care of yourself after an acupuncture treatment is important to allow the treatment to work Go Here

Capstone Young Readers to Launch CapReader Audio-Enhanced eBook Program and App

Publisher Capstone Young Readers announces the launch of CapReader, an audio-enhanced eBook program for consumers. The CapReader digital library includes 1,100 audio-enhanced interactive eBooks for ages 0-13.Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWEB) October 24, 2014 Capstone Young Readers, a leading publisher of childrens books and digital products and services, announces the launch of CapReader, an audio-enhanced eBook program for consumers. CapReader launches with a digital library of more than 1,100 of the publishers audio-enhanced eBooks for ages 0-13. All CapReader eBooks include enhanced features, such as read-along audio and text highlighting. All CapReader eBook titles will be available for purchase on A free iOS bookshelf and reader app will be available through the Apple iTunes App Store. In celebration of the 75th anniversary of Batman, Capstone Young Readers and DC Entertainment are giving a free CapReader eBook edition of Batman: Prisoner of the Penguin! by Scott Sonneborn, illustrated by Luciano Vecchio, with each free download of the CapReader app. Batman: Prisoner of the Penguin! is part of the DC Comic Go Here

Exactly what I believe– The Benefits And Problems That Come With Payday Loans

Although the interest that payday lenders charge is high, they are within the boundaries of legal rates, especially once you have signed a contract. Normally these types of loans are meant to be in place for a short period of time, so sometimes the cost and the convenience of the loan is low enough to even things out. Payday loans are easy and quick for most people. They are also costly. Ask family and friends if they can loan you the money, rather than using a payday loan. In doing so, you can save yourself money yet still get the dollars you need at the moment.Remember that if you need to use the services of a payday loan company, only do so in the most extreme emergency or crisis. Paying back your payday loans can be a very difficult thing. You can find yourself not able to fully ever pay back your loan.There are quite a few Internet sites where former customers report payday lenders that cheated them. Do your homework beforehand. You should always read these reviews before comitting. This will let you know if your company is legitimate and not a scammer.If you owe money on multiple payday loans, don't attempt to consolidate the loans together into one big loan. Go Here

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Quite a few Popular gate Pics San Francisco Golden Gate BridgeImage by davidyuweb San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge in sunrise color.Good morning San Francisco. This is one of the popular point of view to watch the sunrise from Marin headland. I hope you are not bored to see this picture because there many out there in the web. However, it has its own unique view every day in here. Which this could be the only one :-))).. I hope you enjoy this moment of time with this lucky shot. Always happy shooting!!!Much better view on black Twitter | FacebookRandom Contributions on the topic of Leo Vegas :Leo VegasHere for your most comfort to view my photos. Please click flickr photo slide show to enjoy my photostream.All Images Copyright David Yu Photography. All Rights Reserved. Please contact me before use in any publication. Cloud GateImage by kevin dooley Ghosts inside Cloud Gate, or "The Bean", in Millennium Park, downtown Chicago.Light was low and exposures prolonged so these came out pretty spooky. Go Here

Five Barnes Alford Attorneys Selected by Greater Columbia Business Monthly as Midlands Legal Elites

Weldon R. Johnson, David G. Wolff, Alan J. Reyner, Kay Gaffney Crowe and Curtis W. Dowling to be recognized at a reception on October 29, 2014, at the Blue Marlin.Columbia, SC (PRWEB) October 22, 2014 Barnes Alford is pleased to announce attorneys Weldon R. Johnson, David G. Wolff, Alan J. Reyner, Kay Gaffney Crowe and Curtis W. Dowling have been selected by Greater Columbia Business Monthly as Midlands Legal Elites.The magazine selected the top Columbia-area attorneys in 20 practice areas. The selections were published in the magazines October 2014 issue (also its 25th anniversary issue). The honorees will be recognized at a reception on October 29, 2014, at the Blue Marlin. Weldon R. Johnson is the firms senior partner, with over thirty-five years of experience. A 1966 graduate of Wofford College, Mr. Johnson received his law degree from the University of South Carolina in 1969. He was a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation for several years before returning to South Carolina to practice law, joining with James W. Alford to form Alford & Johnson. In 1983, Alford, Johnson & Salane merged with Barnes, Stork, Wolff & Reyner Go Here

Altas Album Release – Lucida Tela, Plume Varia

Random InfinityAds Contributions referring to Paf -PafAltas Album Release - Lucida Tela, Plume Varia Event on 2014-10-25 21:30:00 AltasWebsiteFacebookTwitterLinksWhen words fail to encapsulate a strongly evocative, tightly composed piece of music that stirs the visual cortex of the brain, the word "cinematic" often comes to mind. Altas' latest album, Epoca De Bestias was not written to be a movie score but the experience of each song feels like a life-affirming journey. Recorded at both Sailor Records Studios and Consonance Productions in Denver, Colorado, by Nick Sullivan (The Knew, Montropo, Los Lobos) and mastered by Joe Lambert (Pelican, Russian Circles) in Brooklyn, New York, the seven songs of this musical epic are the result of a handful of years honing the material live and fine tuning the dynamics to absolute perfection. The group's 2009 debut EP, Cortometraje, when the outfit operated as Panal S.A. de C.V., was promising but it sounded like sketches compared to the new recordings. Epoca De Bestias is a leap forward in the richness and density of the soundscaping reminiscent of Mr. Beast period Mogwai. With a more fully-integrated Go Here

California Exotic Novelties Sponsors the London Twisted Masquerade

Happening October 9th at the award-winning Cirque Le Soir in London, various items from the award-winning Scandal Collection will be offered to attendees.London, England (PRWEB) October 06, 2014 California Exotic Novelties, worlds largest and most respected pleasure products manufacturer, sponsors the London Twisted Masquerade being held October 9th at the award-winning Cirque Le Soir in London. Presented by Social Exposure, the event includes underground culture, dark fashion, the best in deep house and secret performances. Various items from the award-winning Scandal Collection will be offered to attendees, who are encouraged to play, explore, and be naughty. Susan Colvin, President and CEO of California Exotic Novelties, says, London is such a wonderful venue for an event like this! Were excited to be included in this unique, sexy, creative party. Scandal fits right into the theme and we couldnt be more thrilled to be the official pleasure product sponsor of the London Twisted Masquerade! The Scandal Collection is an array of light fetish playwear which is incredibly popular right now because of the Fifty Shades Phenomenon. Cuffs, restraints, Go Here