Protection from the Dangers Inside the Home Too

ADT has sent an email to Pulse users. See below:When my mom wanted to move closer to me, I understood the reason why. My father had recently died, and she was left all alone in her town. My family and I live nearly 400 miles away, and that was just too far for her to handle being on her own. We were able to find her a nice rental not too far from us, but there were a few things that I wanted to do there before she moved in. The first thing was to contact ADT home security systems to see about having an alarm system put in.

We have had one at our home for several years, and there is just no way I would live without one now. My mom’s former home had a nice system, but the rental property did not. (more…)

When a Deadline Makes the Demands

You know what it’s like to have a deadline looming over your shoulder, the date on the calendar screaming at you from across the room as you grind away at your project desperately attempting to finish it as fast and as efficiently as you can. It’s a terrible feeling and one made worse when you share a tiny office with ten other people. Yeah, it’s not the greatest experience in the world but you make do with what you have in Singapore. Our boss wasn’t cool with renting out a unit from despite how cheap they are. The guy just wants us to suffer, I’m sure of it!

I’m only complaining because the deadlines for us have been absolutely crazy. The hours here are longer than I have ever worked before. No doubt this project is going to be one of the financial keystones they’ll use as leverage for with the investors to gain more funding and capital on the next project but it’s us who are having to grind out these insane days in order to make it happen. (more…)

Getting Home Insurance in Deer Park

So, you are a new homeowner here in Deer Park, Texas and do not really know what to do when it comes to homeowners insurance. Well, there are some basic things that you will have to look at. First, you will need to look at homeowners insurance companies, finding one that fits your need. Next you will have to worry about your rates, and not taking advantage of the many discounts available to you will cost you a ton of money in the long run.

Finding the right insurance company for you can be very challenging. You will have to sift through the hundreds of companies that offer home insurance just to find the right one, wasting a ton of time. Well, using review websites that rate these companies will cut down on the time considerably. (more…)

Best Home Care for Seniors in Brooklyn

My mother is declining in health, and I know that she does not want to leave her house. She is not fit to live alone anymore though, and I want to do what I can, to enable her to stay in her house. That is why I am looking into senior home care in brooklyn ny. I know that this could end up being pretty expensive, but it really does not matter that much, because I love my mother, and I want to do all that I can, to ensure that she is going to be happy. I am not sure how much longer my mother will live. I do not think she has many years left; maybe I should try to be more optimistic. (more…)

Living to Value My Home

Over the past five years, home improvement has become a staple of how I spend my time during Winter and Spring. It seems only fair; keeping myself busy has always been the best way to keep myself out of trouble! This year I decided to go with Pete’s Renovations for all my kitchen remodeling in bergen county nj needs. I haven’t been living in New Jersey very long but I have found Pete’s Renovations New Jersey to be one of the very best. I was recommended them after having several issues with another company whom I’ll allow to remain nameless; after several appointments where they showed up late, or not at all, along with the poor quality of the work I had finally given up. Now with Pete’s Renovations giving me the hand that I need in getting this work done on my home, I have seen an improvement in both quality of work and customer service. (more…)

The Dangers of Our World

What it Means When Your Carbon Monoxide Alarm BeepsCrime is everywhere. No matter how safe and secure that we might feel in our neighborhoods, the chance of crime is an ever present risk that can strike at any moment. The world is uncertain. People are losing their jobs, they are losing their unemployment benefits while the costs of living are constantly on the rise while our wages stay the same. This is breeding an environment where crime becomes a staple of society – so what do you do? Myself, I decided to contact a local home security company. (more…)

Started Working on the Guest House

We bought this place about two years ago and knew that it was not really big enough for my needs, so I decided that I would build something and call it a guest house. In reality it is going to be the place where I do my hobbies and where I watch sports with my buddies. I got a painter in bergen county nj to help me with the exterior of the house, but he does vinyl siding too and what I wanted was a very specific look that would have been a huge pain if it had been done in wood and then painted. This way it looks very close to the real thing and you can not tell that it is vinyl unless you have the expert eye.

Of course when it starts to get dirty I shall just get some RV cleaner and a pressure washer. It is goin to be very easy to take care. If you painted something like this, then you would have the devil to pay when it came time to re paint it all, as there is a ton of fine detail in this job. You would have to climb up on an extension ladder with a roll of painter’s tape and spend hours masking it off before you could start painting. Then you would be force to remove the painter’s tape and mask off the parts that you had just painted. You would be talking about a tremendously difficult and tedious process, the sort of thing that I do not have any real time for. Of course that painter would have been just as happy if I had wanted to pay him to do it. He loved the look of it and took some pictures after we got done with the job.

A Better Deal for All

On, I found some great deals that made me switch from my cable company. I’ve been with the cable company for many years, and I thought I was getting good service, but the deals I found online were better by comparison. I went to the website after a friend told me that he had switched from cable. Like me, he had been with the cable company for a long time. It wasn’t until he saw an ad on television that he thought about switching.

My friend is the kind of person who will stay loyal to a company, no matter what happens. It was surprising to see that he switched from cable. (more…)

Luxury Found Inside Your Shower

After deciding that I wanted some new shower doors in Essex County NJ I discovered that there was a local place that sold exactly that sort of thing. I’ve been working hard involving myself in DIY projects for the home – everything from installing new curtains, new French doors in the hallway and finally deciding to tackle something bigger: my shower. I’ve been planning for a long time now. There have been hundreds of hours of research done trying to find the perfect set of plans to model my shower after and I think I have finally found what I want.

Heated stone. That’s right. When I get off work there’s nothing more that I want right then and there than a hot shower. (more…)

The Project is Finally Coming to Pass

Started getting past the planning stage of the operation and getting ready to make the decision on which of the bidders I am going to pick for the project. First I shall need to get a tree service in westchester ny to clear off the lot. My original plan was to find some guys who would do it for the wood that they could harvest. I figured that there were a good number of nice oak trees on the land and some of it would be good for lumber. Of course all of those guys started telling me about how none of those trees were any good for that, they wanted to get paid for the job and then get to sell the wood that was usable. (more…)

Looking at the Exterior Walls

I had a really bad storm come through my house and there was a lot of damage done. I could not believe how bad it was and I was not happy with the fact that I lost my roof. The roofer in manhattan ny that said he was going to help me was going to look at the different things that could be done to my roof so that this could be prevented in the future. I was really glad that it was going to be helpful to my home in the future as he was going to look at the different new things that were out in the market to prevent roof collapse from happening again. (more…)

Great Prices on Shower Doors

I am hoping to find a shower door in the near future to replace the shower door that is currently on my shower. It is broken, and it quite a pain in the butt to deal with right now. I guess that the bottom hinge is broken on the shower, and now, sometimes when you open the shower door too quickly, it will come out of place, and cause the whole door to fall out. That is why I want to find some prices on shower doors in long island in the near future.

I need to get this shower door replaced as soon as I can, because it is causing me so much annoyance the way it is right now. If I am lucky, then I will be able to find a shower door that is pretty cheap. I am also looking for a place that will sell me a shower door, and then bring it over to my house, and install it into my bathroom. (more…)

Getting the Place Ready to Live in

The bank finally stopped putting up new hurdles for us and we have the house free and clear at last. It is not really ready to live in and will not be for about a month if all goes well enough. We are going to have to have a good bit of work done and I am going to redo the kitchen myself. This guy I know is going to install a really nice adt home security system for me. He and I were in the Marine Corps together during the Second Gulf War and he helped me find me a good job when I got out of the Corps about ten years ago. It is a long time we have known each other and he is going to fix me up with more than just a home security system. Instead it is going to be a true home automation system which is going to do all sorts of things.

Of course you can extrapolate that stuff until you think about how a really rich person could make a house that was almost like a living organism.At least there is no reason that the house could not recognize who you are and who you want to let in the house. You would not even need a key if the house knew to let you and knew who to keep out, anyone who you did not let into the house. It could let someone in to fix the sink and then keep an eye on him as well. Of course you could do that with a smart phone app as well I suppose. This system is going to come with one of those, although I would have to play with it before I will know what it does and does not do.

Growing Up is Hard to Do Without Clean Clothes

I’ve come to understand that I am not the kind of guy who is good at cleaning clothes. I’m not sure what I do wrong! I can tell the difference in new clothes after just a few weeks of having me clean them; they’re dull, faded, already beginning to show wear and tear along the seams if not already torn. It was growing into such a problem that I finally started to take my clothes to a dry cleaner in Paterson NJ. Going to work looking like a bum is no way to keep up professionalism or impress my boss, who was the one that suggested the dry cleaner for me.

I think he found it amusing in that sort of stern-this-isn’t-a-suggestion type of way. He clearly could see how distraught I was about my failure of being able to clean my own clothes. (more…)

Started Working Towards a Beach House

Monopoly Bright Ideas notebook - from Gift RepublicI have to figure out whether or not I think Jack and Zeb would make good partners first, but the two of them have this idea and they want me to come in with them on it. Of course they need me because I am a licensed master electrician and that is a big part of what they need to get done. This beach house needs to be completely re wired so it meets the codes. The place sits in an odd place, of course those two work for one of the energy providers in Texas, by which I mean an oilfield services company. They spend a lot of time down near Corpus Cristi and the Corpus Cristi Bay, where obviously there are a lot of oil platforms out in the bay and there are oil wells all over that part of the state of Texas. (more…)

Power Provider Rates in Texas

I want to find a beautiful and expensive condo for sale in Texas because I want to move to that area, as it is seems to be a very nice area, and I am looking to relocate away from where I currently live. I do not mean that I want to find an expensive condo in terms of, wanting to actually pay a lot of money for it. I will click here on this link, to learn a bit more. I know I will have to pay a lot of money though, and since I want to get a really nice condo, I am going to start by looking at the most expensive ones that are on the market right now. I need to look for an energy provider as well, and so I went to click here on a link for a site with electricity rates in the state of Texas. That should really narrow things down a good bit, and help me to figure out where I am going to live next. (more…)

Mom Has the Service That Makes Her Happy

My mother recently moved into an assisted living home, so I have spent the last month or so helping her to get set up in her new place. She absolutely loves it and is already making new friends. I have been looking at to try to figure out what type of TV service to help her to get. I have heard so many different things from people I know, so I thought it would be a good idea to get some unbiased info that I could take the time to look through myself.

I have always had cable myself, but that was simply because of laziness on my part to figure out which service would be better for me. But mom really loves TV, and I do not want her to miss out on anything. (more…)

The Struggle Between Man and Tree

This Winter has not been a pleasant experience to say the least. With ‘Polar Vortex’ entering the vocabulary of many Americans, we have been blasted with snow, ice and below freezing conditions that would have made Wisconsin proud – assuming Wisconsin hadn’t experienced temperatures inn the double digits below freezing! It’s not a surprise, then, that I was forced to contact a tree service in brooklyn ny. You have to be careful in these kind of conditions whenever there is a lot of heavy ice and cold temperatures. Trees, while they might be study beasts of nature who tower over us seemingly implacable and defiant to all that nature can throw at them, can like everything else be brought down. With enough wind and ice, even the mightiest of trees can give way to gravity and come crashing down. (more…)

Accepting the Dusk of Our Youth

I can admit without shame that one of my most intense fears is growing older. It’s the betrayal of the body as we reach a certain age that gets to me so much – the fact that we can break bones with a simple tumble, that we can bump our heads and die because of the weakness of our bones. When I had to put my mom in a senior home care in long island because we were unable to afford keeping her in the home any longer, nor give her the appropriate care that she needed, I felt like that my world was going to die around me. (more…)

How many connected graphs can you get with n vertices and exactly n-1 edges?

  1. Is there a formula which tells you how many connected graphs you can get with n vertices and exactly n-1 edges? Or do you just have to sort of see what value of n you get and keep drawing until you get as many as you can think of (which would obviously be very difficult with a high value of n)? Thanks in advance for your help.

    Answer by MathMan TG
    No, you don’t have to keep drawing until you run out of ideas,
    a very error-prone process.
    It is extremely easy to miss some, and to duplicate others
    because the drawings look different.

    The problem of counting trees (which is what connected graphs
    with n-1 edges are called) has been well studied for a long time.

    If you search “counting trees”, “enumerating trees”, or “how many trees”
    you’ll find lots of sites.

    (If the results also concern natural trees, e.g. pine, oak, etc. add
    mathematical terms like edges or vertices to the search terms.)

    Here is a good place to start (among many):

    It covers both labeled and unlabeled trees.

    Check out the OEIS pages linked within that page for more information.

  2. Which lifeguard certification through Wet N Wild in Orlando? Is it Red Cross or another? The second question how do I get the certification and how much does it cost?

    Answer by Reagan
    I’ve been to Wet n wild Orlando many times but Im not sure. There lifegaurd certification is proboally the same as other water parks. The best thing to do is to call them and ask them.

  3. What is the energy in joules of an electron undergoing a transition from n = 3 to n = 5 in a Bohr hydrogen atom?

    I have a test in a couple of hours and I can’t find any sources on how to do this problem. I’m kind of freaking out. If you could go step by step, I’d appreciate it! Thanks for the help!

    Answer by Saturday Hunter
    The wavelength of releasing light at the time of transition is given by Rydberg’s formula,
    1/wavelength = Rydberg’s constant (R) [ {1/(n)^2} - {1/(n`)^2 ]
    where n, n` are energy levels. n`>n
    so, R = 1.097×10^7 m-1, n’ = 5, n = 3
    so, 1/wavelength = 1.097×10^7 [ {1/ (3)^2} - {1/(5)^2} ] = 1.097×10^7 [ 1/9 - 1/25]
    => 1/wavelength = 1.097×10^7 * 16/225 = 7.8×10^5
    => wavelength = 1/7.8×10^5 = 1.36×10^(-6) m

    Now, Energy = [Planck constant(h) * velocity of light(c)] / wavelength(l)
    so h = 6.626×10^(-34) Js, c = 3×10^8 m/s, l = 1.36×10^(-6) m
    so, energy = 1.462 x 10^(-19) J
    So the energy emitted during transition is 1.462 x 10^(-19) J

Move the earth with Rock Hard Stone Construction

When it comes to major renovations or earthmoving for construction projects, having the proper earth moving machinery is of utmost importance if you want your project to proceed smoothly. There are different types of earth moving equipment available for hire at Rock Hard Stone Construction that can help you with your construction job in Perth. Earth moving machinery have changed a lot in terms of technology over the years and today you get some incredible tools that save both time and money. The wide range of earthmoving equipment that Rock Hard has on offer allows you to get the job done efficiently to save cost and time.

Before you hire any earth moving machinery, you will need to ascertain the size of your earth moving job. This helps in getting just the right kind of earth moving machinery to avoid any headaches once the project has begun. Rock Hard Stone Construction is very experienced in the earth moving business; you can get earthmoving equipment for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes with this company. All their earthmoving equipment is perfect for tough on-site jobs.

Getting your job done correctly is also very important. Rock Hard Stone Construction offers professional assistance for any earth moving tasks. You can discuss the pros and cons of their different types of earthmoving equipment and get advice on which ones are right for you. Moving earth can be a tricky business for novices and if you have never hired earthmoving equipment, it can be quite daunting. Thankfully Rock Hard is there to help you in every step of the way.   

Additionally the location of earth moving machinery is also important. Rock Hard Stone Construction is conveniently located in Perth, which helps to cut earthmoving costs if you are in the area. Being a local company, you also get all the support for earth moving equipment you need. This also helps to cut transportation costs that you would have to bear for roping in machinery from other places for earthmoving.

Finally, the friendly earthmoving user policies of Rock Hard Stone Construction make them a preferably choice. Features like full insurance, free quotes and cost details make earthmoving easier for you. Therefore choosing the right earthmoving equipment rental company can make a big difference in projects from the outset.

Overall, Rock Hard Stone Construction is a great choice for all types of earth moving equipment rental and earth moving assistance. You can call them any day of the week for a free quote on your earth moving machinery rental needs.    

Read This Great Payday Advance Guidance

Get quick $100 Denver, CO within overnight apply $700 cash transfer for Summer 2015. You can also apply instant $ 800 Riverside California no employment verification .

Are you presently inside a fiscal combine? Do you need a little bit aid to be stable monetarily? A pay day loan can assist! These kinds of lending options may be ideal for these wanting extra time to form up their financial situation, and that bit provides helpful assistance.

When it comes to a payday advance, even though it may be attractive make certain to not borrow more than you can afford to pay back. For instance, when they permit you to obtain $1000 and place your automobile as equity, nevertheless, you only need $200, borrowing a lot of can bring about the decline of your car if you are unable to repay the entire personal loan.

There are several approaches that pay day loan organizations employ to acquire all around usury regulations set up for that defense of clients. These loans cost you a specific amount (say $15 for each $100 lent), that happen to be just attention disguised as service fees. This enables them to charge 10x just as much as lenders can for traditional lending options.

All pay day loans have service fees, so understand the ones that include the one you have. This provides you with the most effective peek at how much cash you will probably have to cover. Polices on attention are there any to shield you. Pay day loans cost “costs” in contrast to fascination. This lets them skirt the polices. This could boost the loan amount. It will help you select in case the personal loan suits you.

Know exactly how much the loan will set you back. This will assist you to discover just what you’ll are obligated to pay if you want to borrow money. Surprisingly sufficient, regulations exist to guard cash advance clients in terms of rates of interest. Firms skirt these regulations by recharging insanely high costs. These hidden charges can bring up the overall cost profoundly. This can help you decide in case the loan suits you.

Ensure you take a look at all your available alternatives. Through taking time and energy to evaluate payday cash loans as opposed to personal personal loans, you could possibly realize that there can be other creditors that can give you far better charges for online payday loans. Your credit ranking and just how significantly you would like to borrow are two deciding variables. It can save you a lot of money should you do your research.

One thing to consider when receiving a cash advance are which businesses use a good reputation for adjusting the borrowed funds ought to extra crisis situations take place during the settlement period of time. There are actually locations on the market that might provide you with a little extension in repaying the borrowed funds.

In case you are thinking of getting a payday advance, make sure that you have a program to get it repaid straight away. The money company will provide to “help you” and increase the loan, should you can’t pay it back right away. This extension expenses a payment, in addition extra curiosity, so it does nothing at all positive for you. However, it earns the loan company a good earnings.

Several pay day loan loan providers will publicize that they will not deny the application because of your credit history. Frequently, this is certainly correct. Even so, make sure you look into the volume of fascination, these are charging you. The interest levels will be different based on your credit history. If your credit ranking is awful, prepare yourself for an increased monthly interest.

Make sure you can quickly repay any cash you acquire. If you require more resources than you can pay back easily, focus on additional options. You might find that you have other creditors on the market which will deal with you together with expand the time you need to reimburse your debt.

Check the rates of interest well before, you get a payday loan, even if you require cash badly. Frequently, these lending options include ridiculously, high rates of interest. You need to examine different payday loans. Decide on one particular with affordable rates, or seek out yet another way to get the money you require.

Obtaining money with a payday advance can be very significant. You may have significant concerns in the future should it be not managed correctly. It is very important keep in mind that this funds you receive from online payday loans isn’t cost-free. The money has to be repaid from somewhere else at a later date.

Generally browse the fine print for a cash advance. Some businesses cost charges or possibly a punishment when you pay for the loan back very early. Other people impose a fee if you must roll the borrowed funds onto the next shell out time period. These represent the most frequent, however they might fee other concealed charges or perhaps raise the interest should you not spend promptly.

This information has educated you some good information about pay day loans that you can commence using today. Pay day loans might be a quick solution to a pressing funds crisis. All you have to do is to visit the closest financial institution and have a payday advance. Then you’ll be able to do without stressing relating to your finances.

Practical and Helpful Tips: Options

The Importance Of Weed Control For Vegetation Sites The undesirable invasive plants in personal gardens and even vegetable plantation are called weeds. Aside from being unsightly, they are also taking the moisture and nutrients that crop plants need to grow properly. Thus, weeds are hindering the proper growth of plants that leads to quality harvest. Not just that, weeds contribute to the spread of plant diseases while harboring and also, attracting insects. There are farmers who found it quite difficult to deal with these things while some have figured out a way on how they can control its growth. The major factors to control weeds are by simply persistence and planning; after all, weed is still important for good harvest. Experts said that the first step in selecting a site for garden is when it is weed free. Unfortunately, there are things that are easier said than being done. This is true especially for those who live in suburbanites and urban areas who work within a finite space. Do your best to avoid areas that are infested heavily with weeds whenever possible.
A 10-Point Plan for Companies (Without Being Overwhelmed)
You need to spray the weed infested area with non-selective weed killer like roundup to start with your vegetable management. For those who don’t know, roundup is harmful to both humans and animals and thus, following proper safety precautions are crucial.
Finding Similarities Between Companies and Life
Even healthy and unwanted plants will be killed throughout the process; this will continue until the site turns to all soil and forces to turn the weeds under it to decompose. And to ensure that the next generation of weeds won’t grow, a second tilling should be done before you start planting on it. In preventing weeds to germinate, herbicides have been proven to be helpful. Mulching additionally reduces the volume of weeds in the garden or vegetation site. However, it is best if you are going to wait until the early season to mulch the vegetables. The soil temperature will rise and produce optimal growth of plants through this. Any weeds that you see on the surface should be removed before you mulch the site. Weeds will soon emerge through the mulch layer, which would defeat your purpose. So, mulch the covers of the soil’s surface right to the base of plants when you are mulching the soil. Never forget about these things especially when you are preparing your vegetation site for plantation. This is a great way of ensuring that the vegetables you’re going to plant will grow healthily and with great quality.

How to find out Which Diet Pills are Ideal for You

Discovering the Reliability of OTC Diet Pills

With the countless diet pills out there at sites like, you will certainly find it challenging to pick one. The majority of them are at lost concerning which slimming solution to employ. In link with that, you could seek advice from the professionals for relative clarifications.

Then again, it is immensely important that individuals should adhere to a regular diet and active lifestyle. If you’d like to quicken the results, then you should contemplate consuming diet pills. If you settle with a diet supplement that absolutely works, you don’t have to go as far as stringent dieting or performing heavy workouts as it will already assist you all the way to a healthier body. Take notice that you shouldn’t just drop your active and healthy life style realizing that a supplement works. Keep in mind that such health supplements act only as a support which aids in your weight reduction quest.

If you search the market, you will see that there are a great deal of diet pills on the market. With the large number, one will find it hard to pick the best product. The query is, is it safe and effective to utilize? Handily, you can completely trust OTC diet pills. Because they are greatly available, it will be straightforward for you to achieve the body you always wished. They are available in varieties and in various prices too. All it requires to locate the very best one for you is to do your own research over it.

As stated earlier, seeking the doctor’s assistance is recommended. Remember, to ensure that the dietary supplement you are using is secure and efficient, you must pay a visit to your physician about it. On top of that, the physicians can immediately assess if these diet pills are created form the best ingredients that won’t cause any harm when ingested. Sure enough, your doctor can recommend the best one worthy for you to try and buy over the counter.

To pick the very best diet pills around, you have to pick carefully as well. Always remember that it is better to be secure than sorry. This means that you need to take things slowly. To eliminate those fats effectively, start by using the right diet pill that is proven to be helpful in losing weight. And that great effect would be a fitter and much healthier body.


A Jazz New Years Eve: Branford Marsalis

  1. A Jazz New Years Eve: Branford Marsalis
    Event on 2014-12-31 00:00:00

    Ring in 2015 with Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Branford Marsalis, a 2011 NEA Jazz Master and Tony Award nominee, and his quartet–one of the leading jazz groups working today.

    Tickets on sale now
    Tickets went on sale September 3, 2014 to Kennedy Center Members
    Not a member? Join today to receive priority purchasing and other benefits!
    Tickets went on sale September 10, 2014 to the public
    Call Kennedy Center Information or check online regularly for last-minute availability.
    Ring in 2015 with Grammy Awardwinning saxophonist Branford Marsalis, a 2011 National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master, and Tony Award nominee. In concert with his quartet (pianist Ryan Hanseler, bassist Eric Revis, drummer Justin Faulkner)–one of the leading jazz groups working today–the eldest of the famed Marsalis siblings returns to the Terrace Theater to ring in the New Year.

    Performance Timing: 75 minutes, with no intermission.

    New Year's Eve Grand Foyer Party – 10:30 p.m.1 a.m.
    Welcome 2015 with music and dancing, and commemorate the night with free social photo booths, in the Grand Foyer. From 10:15 to 11:30 p.m., thirteen-piece D.C. swing aficionados, Craig Gildner Big Band, recreate the sounds of the swing era made famous by Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Artie Shaw, and others. They are followed, from 11:30 p.m. to 12:45 a.m., by Brooklyn, NY's Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra, a thrilling 11-piece salsa group led by percussionist Gianni Mano and fronted by Argentinian superstar Solange Prat that plays dynamic 70s style salsa arrangements of indie rock tunes we love. This is innovative, astonishing salsa with a new, vibrant aesthetic. Free horn noise-makers will be handed out for the big balloon countdown to midnight. This party is FREE for all patrons with any December 31 evening performance tickets or Roof Terrace Restaurant receipt from that evening.

    at Kennedy Center Terrace Theater
    2700 F Street NW
    Washington, United States

  2. New Years Eve at the Kennedy Center with Ozomatli
    Event on 2014-12-31 20:30:00

    Usher in2015 withGrammy-winning band Ozomatli and members of the National Symphony Orchestra led by Principal Pops Conductor Steven Reineke.

    • Wed., Dec. 31, 2014, 8:30 PM
    • Concert Hall
    • Running Time: TBA
    • .00 – 0.00

    Tickets on sale now
    Tickets went on sale September 3, 2014 to Kennedy Center Members
    Not a member? Join today to receive priority purchasing and other benefits!
    Tickets went on sale September 10, 2014 to the public
    Call Kennedy Center Information or check online regularly for last-minute availability.
    New Year's Eve at the Kennedy Center
    and members of the National Symphony Orchestra

    Steven Reineke, conductor

    Usher in the New Year withmulti-genre, multi-cultural Grammy-winning band Ozomatli and members of the National Symphony Orchestra led by Principal Pops Conductor Steven Reineke.

    New Year's Eve Grand Foyer Party – 10:30 p.m.1 a.m.
    Welcome 2015 with music and dancing, and commemorate the night with free social photo booths, in the Grand Foyer. From 10:15 to 11:30 p.m., thirteen-piece D.C. swing aficionados, Craig Gildner Big Band, recreate the sounds of the swing era made famous by Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Artie Shaw, and others. They are followed, from 11:30 p.m. to 12:45 a.m., by Brooklyn, NY's Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra, a thrilling 11-piece salsa group led by percussionist Gianni Mano and fronted by Argentinian superstar Solange Prat that plays dynamic 70s style salsa arrangements of indie rock tunes we love. This is innovative, astonishing salsa with a new, vibrant aesthetic. Free horn noise-makers will be handed out for the big balloon countdown to midnight. This party is FREE for all patrons with any December 31 evening performance tickets or Roof Terrace Restaurant receipt from that evening.

    at Kennedy Center – Concert Hall
    2700 F Street NW
    Washington, United States

  3. NYE 2015 w/ Fools Gold, Deap Vally and Crystal Skulls – Deap Vally, Crystal Skulls, Moon Block Party DJs

    Random Adplace Partner Contribution relevant to Bet365 :

    Event on 2014-12-31 20:00:00
    This event is 21 and over
    Fool's Gold

    On a cool California night in 2008, old friends Luke Top and Lewis Pesacov stood under the starry sky at a wedding reception and dreamt of what it would be like to play music like Mahmoud Ahmed did in 1970's Ethiopia, or what it would feel like to channel the great Soukous players of the Congo from the heyday of Diblo Dibala. Quickly materializing into a venerable gang of up to 15 musicians, 2009 saw the release of the band's debut self-titled album. The first single "Surprise Hotel" was quick to leave fans powerless under it's unique harnessing of a summertime feeling.
    The sophomore album, "Leave No Trace" landed in 2010, refining the band's sound and stripping back the lineup to a permanent 5 members; Luke, Lewis, Garrett Ray, Brad Caulkins, and Salvador Placencia. With this new stronghold of a lineup, the band launched a multitude of US and European tours that ranging from appearances at Glastonbury, Reading, Leeds and ACL Fest to sharing the stage with legendary desert rockers Tinariwen at the historic Hollywood Bowl. The end of 2012 found the band supporting the Red Hot Chili Peppers in arenas across the UK as well as in Tel Aviv, for one of the largest concerts in Israel's history.

    In 2013 the band eased out of a long and demanding touring schedule to focus on writing new material. With 5 years of experience behind them, this was a great opportunity to further hone in on the band's identity and songwriting. "I'm In Love", the first single from the new album is a joyous ode to Calypso rhythms, Reggae funk, Nigerian disco, and hints of classic American R&B and Motown. The familiar FG sound will be immediately apparent: Garrett Ray's syncopated beat, Salvador Placencia's spirited slaps, Lewis Pesacov's funky guitar licks, Brad Caulkins' graceful keyboard, and Luke Top's rousing yelps and thumping bass lines. If you listen closely you will hear the sound of a 5 piece band that has traveled the world together and is ready, once again, to make you dance.

    "I'm In Love" single b/w "I'm In Love" (Poolside Remix) releases worldwide 09/08 on the band's own record label, Grand Gallop.

    at Upright Cabaret at Ace Hotel
    701 East Palm Canyon Drive
    Palm Springs, United States

The London New Years Eve Ball 2014

  1. The London New Years Eve Ball 2014
    Event on 2014-12-31 20:00:00

    It's the biggest night of the year, so make it one to remember by counting down to 2015 at the most sensational celebration in the capital!

    Join us at Battersea Evolution, set in stunning battersea park, for a sensational night of incredible food, mesmerising live entertainment and an electric atmosphere.

    If you haven't experienced one of our sell-out New Year's parties before, here's just a taster of what to expect on the night:

    • Sparkling wine and canape reception on arrival

    • Explosive countdown to 2015 with live streaming of London's world-famous firework display from the River Thames

    • Spine-tingling aerialist, acrobatic & dance acts

    • Delicious five course banquet (see the menu below)

    • Entertainment from live band and DJ

    • Adrenaline-pumping dodgems

    • Incredible lavish Venetian setting – be transported to an extravagant party world

    • Unlimited house beer, wine and soft drinks all night

    • Casino tables(charity donation applies)

    • Free car parking, dedicated black cab rank and free shuttle bus to London Victoria after midnight

    • 3AM Close

    Menu served on the evening


    Tandoori chicken with fresh mango served on mini poppadums

    Fillet of lamb with minted hollandaise

    Prawns wrapped in chargrilled courgette with a soy and ginger dip

    Beetroot cured salmon with wasabi mayonnaise

    Butternut and mozzarella arancini


    Heritage beetroot carpaccio with toasted pinenuts, shaved parmesan and truffle mayonnaise


    Sliced oak hot smoked salmon, London gin and juniper cured salmon, poached salmon and dill rillette with whipped curd, rye crisps, and parsley and lemon vinaigrette

    Roast cauliflower, smoked aubergine with black quinoa and lime, broad bean falafel, sesame yoghurt (GF)


    Treacle glazed rare roasted sirloin of English beef with dauphinoise sweet potatoes, wilted baby spinach, tenderstem broccoli, roasted heritage carrots, rich Madeira and red wine sauce

    White Onion and Champagne risotto with roasted winter squash, romanesco broccoli and toasted hazelnuts


    Apricot and chocolate jaffa torte with vanilla poached apricots and pink Champagne sorbet, pink peppercorn crumble


    A selection of English cheeses with artisan biscuits and homemade ale chutney


    Fair trade cafetiere coffee, tisanes and petit four


    Doors open at 8:00pm on 31st December 2014 with carriages at 3:00am on 1st January 2014.

    For more information or queries such as dietary requirements, please call the Smart New Years team 020 7836 1033 or email

    at Battersea Park and Childrens Zoo
    Battersea Park
    Battersea, United Kingdom

  2. Improvers: 6-Count Moves
    Event on 2015-01-08 20:00:00

    4-week course with Anna Rogers and Ollie Parham.

    We've got BRAND NEW courses for 2015, so even if you have attended these courses before you can be sure to find a fresh approach here with fun moves such as wraps, dodgems, jump outs, and a chance to get your boogie-woogie on! This course specifically looks at 6-Count Moves, although to gain a true grounding in Lindy Hop dancing you will need to also attend our Beginners 8-Count and Lindy Charleston courses in the following months.


    You won't need to bring a dancing partner as we swap partners throughout the lessons, however booking on with someone will work out cheaper for you both. In this case you will need to select the Lead & Follow ticket option. We encourage booking on in pairs in order to balance out the numbers in the room and to offer a more affordable option.


    We would encourage everyone to work through the Beginner level courses for atleast 3 – 6 months before moving up to Improver Level, however it is always benficial to continue the Beginner courses as well. To book on to both Beginner and Improver levels during the same month, there is a promotional code which will give you a 20% reduction in your overall cost! You will need to enter this when you book on to each level. Type in the Promotional Code box : Two-Levels.

    Please get in touch if you need further clarify about the process.


    **During January only, Anna Rogers will be away, but the classes will continue to be taught by the wonderful Ollie Parham, and introducing our guest teacher for the month; the fabulous Catt Turney!

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    at Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama
    Castle Grounds
    Cardiff, United Kingdom

Beach Mushrooms

A couple Superb mushroom Photo

  1. Beach Mushrooms
    Image by vladeb
    Mushrooms at John D MacArthur Beach State Park.

  2. Amanita Mushroom in the Rain
    Image by Douglas Brown
    I have been forced to take photographs in the rain… a sad story. We started Summer setting records for high temperatures and sunny days but end with one of our rainiest late August and early September in a long time!

    I was forced to put a plastic bag over my camera between shots! Oh, the Humanity!

  3. Mushrooms
    Image by Robiwan_Kenobi
    I was just searching for a solution to fix the Cylinder Hemisphere 3 x 3 Ball Turret from the inside. But my solution only fits for this mushrooms…

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    Do you know a stronger option?

Curry Laksa AUD11.90, Kopi AUD3.70 – PappaRich Chadstone

Various Amazing curry Photo

  1. Curry Laksa AUD11.90, Kopi AUD3.70 – PappaRich Chadstone
    Image by avlxyz
    much better now, with a well-spiced curry with laksa leaf giving it a lift. nice silky eggplant and crunchy beancurd sticks too.

  2. Vietnamese Curry Laksa – Proud Peacock AUD10
    Image by avlxyz
    Complimentary spring rolls for us today!

    We all went with something new and were happy with our choices.

    I was feeling like a Bun Bo Hue, but then I got the hankering for Khao Soi, a Northern-Thai curry noodle, a bit like a laksa, but with lemony tang. The Vietnamese-style laksa did the trick, a light coconut curry broth with lemongrass and a sour tang from a squeeze of lemon.

    Julia had the pepper beef with rice. Nice sauce, good chunks of meat that tasted beefy even after being tenderised.

    Julias dad ordered the noodles with stewed duck in Chinese herbs. Nice and light and a lean duck leg.

    Proud Peacock

    Support This Blog By Visiting Partner Contribution referring to Bet365 :

    (03) 9560 6661
    Shop 6 / 53 Kingsway Pde
    Glen Waverley VIC 3150

    - Proud Peacock – Miettas

  3. Yokosuka Navy Curry
    Image by shinyai